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Here at Mailbox Business Center we have fused together different types of shipping and receiving services to office and print services to create a one stop shop for everyone ranging from your everyday person to the on the go businessman!

We realize that our customers live in an increasingly busy world. To help combat that, we offer email/print/finishing/ship services. Basically you can email us your presentation or document, we will print it for you, bind it if necessary and ship it out for you all without even entering our store.

Our staff prides ourselves on excellent customer service and complete attention to detail to help make sure that every customer’s experience is excellent!

Custom Box / Packing Services

Have you have ever found yourself wondering how to get your package that you just sold on ebay, or the computer that your college student needs right away boxed and packed to be shipped? Well as we all know, sometimes getting things to their destination in one piece might be tough.

At Mailbox Business Center, we cater to any item. We have packed antique figurines to limited edition paintings….there is nothing we can’t pack to arrive at its destination safely.

We also stock such an array of box sizes that if you decided to try to pack your item yourself, we have the right size box for you. Overall, we custom pack anything up to proper shipping specifications to insure your package has our “Bullet Proof” guarantee

Binding, Punching, Folding & Mounting (Finishing Services):

Our Finishing Services have a wide range of options to make your presentation, reports, booklets or posters look their best!

Our Binding services include Spiral, Vello & Coil, so we can comfortably bind up to 2” of paper with all different professional looks and styles while you wait. Punching paper with either 3-hole or 2-hole is not a problem through our high speed machines. Don’t worry, if you have custom holes with awkward locations or sizes, we can accommodate you with our drill press.

Our folding machines are a quick and great solution for bi-fold menus, tri-fold brochures or mass mailings for envelope stuffing.

Lastly, we provide different options for mounting posters or presentation boards. We always stock foam core, coroplast and self mounting adhesive easels..


Our store provides you with an immediate solution to sending important documents right away. We can fax your documents anywhere in the world while you wait, and confirm that the recipient has received it with a digital conformation receipt.


Don’t you wish you didn’t have to store hard copies of all your important documents, or have you wished you had a fast way to scan documents instead of manually feeding them through your all-in-one printer?

Our store provides you with machines that are capable of scanning documents in full color at a speed of up to 80 pages per minute. We can scan them at all different resolutions and save them in all different file formats to meet your specific needs. Once completed, we can email them or just save the scanned documents to your thumb drive.

Key Duplication

We know that no one wants to have to go to a large super store just to get a key made. Neither do we, so that’s why we can cut an array of keys while you wait; ranging from house and padlock to file cabinet and cars. Mailbox Business Center will guarantee your key works or your money back!

Passport Photos

It seems these days that everywhere you go, you need to have your passport. Well, we can make getting one a step easier.

Instead of having to make annoying appointments to get your photo taken, you can just walk right in and get your instant passport photo. We provide you with FOUR copies of your passport sized picture instead of the normal two in just five minutes. We also can provide you with the latest passport applications downloaded directly from


Have you ever had a newspaper clipping about yourself or a loved one OR a diploma you wanted to display? Well a Custom Plaque might be for you. Our plaques will guarantee the protection and preserve the true color from UV light forever. They come in a variety of colors raging from wood tones to solid colors with available trim and bevel options. If you weren’t sure what to do with those clippings or diplomas, bring them in and let us plaque them for you!

Notary Service

Finding a readily available Notary can often be a pretty tough thing to do. Mailbox Business Center has a Notary on staff as early as 8:30am to as late as 7:00pm for walk-in or appointments. Our Notary is experienced in documents such as Mortgage Notes / Refinance, Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.

Suite Address Mailboxes

If you’re a new company that doesn’t want to provide their home address as the mailing / return address, or your someone that might be traveling and needs their mail forwarded to them at different locations, someone getting divorced, or you just need a private address, we have the answer for you.

You might be asking yourself “what is different about your mailboxes versus one that I can get somewhere else?” The answer is our Private Mailboxes are suite addresses, not P.O. Boxes. That means it looks like you have a physical address which appeals to customers for business related mailboxes, also it enables you to receive UPS , FedEx and other carriers where as a P.O. Box limits you to receiving things only via mail. We sign for your packages and keep them secure until you can pick them up. You also receive 24 hour access to your mailbox, so getting here while we are open is no longer a problem. We also feature a phone-in mail check.

It seems that nobody has a lot of time these days, so feel free to give us a call and one of our friendly staff would be happy to let you know what you have in your mailbox so you don’t have to waste a trip.

Graphic Design

Mailbox Business Center has on-staff a friendly, easy-to-work-with graphic designer who is happy to bring your ideas to life or create an idea for you.

At an inexpensive rate, we will design business cards, brochures, menus, posters, banners, wedding invitations, websites, etc.

If you would like to sit with us during the creation process so you can give constant feedback and suggestions, we can arrange for an appointment for you to come in.

Website Creation

Websites are now essential for business to succeed in our new international market, because of this, websites are getting very costly to create and maintain these days. That is why Mailbox Business Center has created ways to generate websites for all customers and business at different rates based on the technicality of the site.

No need to spend $1,000.00 for a simple website when ours start at just $399.00.

Fully Customizable Rubber Stampers

Are you still writing your return address on all your bills? With the purchase of a customizable rubber stamper you can relieve yourself of all that frustration. They can say anything that you want and they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes & colors. They are fully self-inking… meaning the days of the ink pad are gone, and your stamper should work up to 1000 impresses before even needing to be re-inked.

Engraveable Plates

Our engraveable plates are perfect for name badges or even for indoor / outdoor signs. They come in all different shapes, sizes & colors.

Computer Rental Station

Our private computer rental station is a perfect solution for the customer that just needs to check something on the web, or for the customer that just needs to open a document to view / print. We charge by the minute so you don’t have to worry about purchasing time blocks for the internet as other facilities force you to do.

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“We are very pleased with the quality and professionalism of MailBox.

Our printing has always been completed on schedule. Great business!”

Jimmy Randolph

“The sales staff at MailBox is always willing to promptly stop by to take printing orders and offer suggestions for our printing needs. Dependability is the one word that I would use to describe our business relationship.”

Chandra Jefferson Rogers